Material o ring

O – RING – WERKSTOFFE Auswahlhilfe mit techn. O – Ringe , Rundschnüre Auch Kleinmengen in NBR EPDM Silikon und Viton. O – Ringe und O – Ringschnüre aus Standardmaterial wie NBR und shore A, . Seit Jahrzehnten gehört unser O – Ring Handbuch zu den von.

Konstrukteuren und Anwendern weltweit genutzten Standard-.

ERIKS ab Lager verfügbar sind. Diese O – Ringe werden nach einer. Kodierungs-System für Parker- O – Ring -Compounds. Dichtungsmaterialien verändern. Farben sind nicht festgelegt.

Neoprene ( Chloroprene) Alcohol, Engine. Petroleum Oils Good resistance to flexing, tear,.

Will fuel swell be a problem? Our sealing experts can guide your to pick the best material for . The process required an O – ring that withstood manipulation without breaking and contained only materials approved for devices that deliver . PTFE has the unique ability to resist material degrada- tion, heat-aging and . Nitrile (Buna, NBR): A widely use economical material that has . Recommended O – ring application service temperature limits for basic polymer types. The Chart below provides the recommended shelf life for various materials of elastomer (rubber) seals. However, it is not a binding . Can function at temperatures down to. Today, the design engineer is faced with a bewildering array of ‘ O ‘ ring.

Material Temperature Guide. First, you can select a specific O – ring material to view its compatible chemicals. Or secon you can select a specific chemical to view all its compatible O – ring.

Weltweit größtes O – Ring -Lager (über 4Positionen ab Lager lieferbar). Industrial O – ring O-rings are common seals used in many manufacturing industries. Because of their cost, simple .

O – ring colors are used to easily, visually identify what type of o – ring is.