Flow drill screw

This shows the original system that required the use of pre. The screw for high-strength sheet metal joints. PDF icon Flyer EJOT FDS en.

A friction-drilling, or flow – drilling , screw is a self-piercing and extruding fastener for joining layers of sheet metal. Combining the properties of .

Standard metric thread screws can be used in repair situations. Many translated example sentences containing flow drilling screw – German- English dictionary and search engine for German translations. Friction drilling is a method of making holes in metal in which the material is pushed out of the way with the aid of heat from friction. The process is also called thermal drilling , flow drilling , form drilling , . Experimental tests were carried out on flow – drill screw connections in aluminium sheets.

Several deformation and failure modes of connections were observed . These are designed to mechanically join dissimilar materials.

A state of the art proprietary method for . In such cases, screw tightening made with flow drilling screws have come to the forefront as a solution to the problem. A location is provided at the bottom of the groove having a reduced cross- sectional thickness. Flow drilling screws create a high-strength.

The flow drill screw is extended through this location when joining . Fließlochformende Schrauben für höherfeste Bleche. By including the bushing, which occurs during the flow drilling , a rolled screw. High axial forces in combination with a high rotational speed create frictional heat , . It enables several components to be joined together without pre- drilling. Selection of suitable joining technologies. Assistance at dimensioning of joining processes.

Use with various sheet surfaces in a variety of industries such as automotive. This PhD thesis consists of experimental and numerical studies of the behaviour and modelling of flow – drill screw connections. It is comprised of four parts, and . ABSTRACT: This thesis presents an experimental and numerical study on the behaviour of Flow – Drilling. PhD candidate Johan Kolstø Sønstabø at SFI CASA, NTNU, has spent ten weeks with Honda RD Americas as part of his work on flow – drill screw connections .

The purpose of this paper is to propose a computational approach to establish the effect of various flow drilling screw (FS) process and material parameters on . Model RSF- for assembly of flow drill screws. Screw (FDS) connections under .